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I just want to find a gray color that will look good with my counters ( ) and my carpet has brown and blue in it but it looks more brown/tan to me. I am impressed with your blog and familiarity with colors. I always include an undertone section in my full paint color reviews, but it isnt so clear cut with Palladian Blue. 60.4. Valspars Ante Meridian is lighter than Valspar Sparkling Sage, so it is close to Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, but lighter instead of darker. So, I want you to take a deep breath and a great big gulp of wine and look at SW Gossamer Veil, which Ive found to be one of the the more neutral grays it WILL STILL flash cool undertones, but perhaps less than the ones youve been looking at. Ahhhh! I like the farmhouse style and chose Classic Gray BM for the living room. It is not quite as bright as Chantilly Lace, and some people prefer a more muted trim shade. Living room is the same very light mint green ad master.Enjoying your painting tips here. Ive actually written a whole post about Pewter Green! Pam, Im looking for the same exact color for the same style house! (I have a few good examples in my Aegean Teal post.). Thanks for asking! Its now painted BM Palladium Blue which I think is too intense a colour but my husband loves it as it is. And you are right, while it is a blue/green colour (that leans toward the green side) it does have gray in it which can be exposed in rooms with Northern Exposure which already have a cool gray/blue light coming in. What kind of light bulbs do you recommend? Thank you! Looking at the paint cards, I knew Id choose Palladian Blue. So its probably more about your exposure/lighting than it is about the colour and short of removing your window theres not much you can do about that! They even have a washable matte, so if you dont want sheen or are hiding imperfections, its great. Thank goodness I tried the sample out first. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for the reply! This gorgeous shade is very similar to Sherwin Williams Rainwashed, and just a tad lighter on the LRV scale 61.17. . Simply place them on your walls next to your trim, furnishings or fixed elements, and easily see whether the paint colors work in your space and with your lighting. I know that there are a lot of people with historical homes out there who do not want to paint their dark wood trim, and I totally hear you! I narrowed it down to just five to show you, but thats still way more than I was expecting! And while it looks a bit grayer and calmer in this next photo, in MANY rooms, you can expect it to have a bit more chroma (color). 1. Sea Salt is a complicated color because it is closer to the yellowy side of green, and quite gray. Not sure which type of blue is your fave? Its SUPER popular for both beachy and modern farmhouse-style homes! Just shoot an email- so I can read it. If I operated in my old ways, I would have gone to the store bought paint and painted the kitchen. This is best shown via Collonade looking lovely in one space and tan in another this is gray and greige doing its thing! Have you ever tried Half Moon Crest (Benjamin Moore)? xo, Laura. The 16 Best Paint Colors with Oak or Wood Cabinets & Trim, While I dont have many photos of Silvermist yet, its a STUNNER that I get asked about ALL the time in my Online Paint Color Consulting! My painter thought I was nuts until he was finished and then realized that day or night the colors of the walls looked uniform as if they had all been painted the same exact color. Good choice. On walls that got intense sun I used the darker color. In some old photos this looked bright white but it is far from bright white. Daniela, Hi Daniela, of the two colors I have on my walls here: Palladian Blue and Sea Salt, I think Sea Salt is lighter. I am not drawn to greys. I tried a lot of paint samples, but I cant decide. I literally could not stand looking at it. I recommend using this paint on Cape Cod, Craftsman, and Caribbean-styled homes. Now I see that Juniper Blue is a stain colour and it strikes me as being a bit too blue. The beige in the paper was a yellowish beige and the paint was a pinkish beige. SW 6204 Sea Salt - see more on this color here; SW 7653 Silverpointe - see more details for this color here; . For another color scheme, Benjamin Moore suggests putting Palladian Blue with Woodmont Cream, a yellowy cream paint color and Witching Hour, a dark blackish brown. Unfortunately due to the amount of emails/questions I get in a day Im unable to answer personal questions. The white in this laundry room is Sherwin Williams Pure White. If its shaded? Benjamin Moores version of Sea Salt is much closer to Sherwin Williams Fleur de Sel. ~Kylie, Christina: I am sure since this is 2 years old you have solved your problem. I have been trying to find a gray paint that doesnt turn purple. it has a touch of soft blue. Cant wait to see it! Palladian Blue has an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of 60. THINK AGAIN! They tend to give a space a calming and relaxing vibe. It is a little darker than Palladian Blue though, falling more into the medium range of paint colors. Hi Kylie. Will you explain more about this process? With its LRV of 47, Silvermist has more meat on its bones than many others. Blue-green blends can be pretty flexible, and enjoy being in a palette with cream paint colorsand warm off-whites as the warm-cool combination can add energy to a space. And your choice of whites (the hardest color to choose) was perfect. Oh my goodness! I have so many different glass mosaics on my walls it was difficult to choose a color. So Palladian Blue looks much more colorful on your walls than Rainwashed does. I am considering repainting the master bedroom Wedgewood Gray. Its hard to toss one off the top of my head without seeing your countertop/flooring/backsplash as there are different types of gray-blue (ones that flash slightly purple and ones that can flash slightly green) and if you choose the wrong one, it would totally clash! Required fields are marked *, document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a96f2d8998fe49713b2b4379ca7a2459" );document.getElementById("gdd7bf3394").setAttribute( "id", "comment" );Comment *. This is almost a true blue(with gray) and only has a small amount of green in it, which stops it from looking icy cold and helps it hold up a bit better in a north-facing room (which could look TOO cold with a real true blue on the walls). Can you help? When Palladian Blue is the only one showing, it still just seems to saturated. What are your thoughts on BM Palladian Blue? Accessible Beige is a classic Sherwin Williams color that is a nice neutral. Sometimes Ill cover up one color and just look at the other color. So worth it. . I would like a spark of color, bright, not too dark as I have no windows in the kitchen :/ I appreciate your suggestions. 5. Read. It is a beautiful color, but the choice should be made based on what is gong on in the room, counter tops are bossy, are your counter tops white? Its way more expensive than SW or Behr or (gasp) Valspar but I LOVE it. The LRV of Gray Wisp is 54.85. Thank you so much for getting back to me. Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments is also a pretty good dupe for Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, but on the opposite side of Night Mist. So I tweaked things over to SW Moody Blue. Not sure what LRV is? I was able to come up with two really solid dupes for Sherwin Williams Sea Salt! ~Kylie. I suspect this is because Sea Salt in bright outdoor lighting would look very washed out and minty. If you want to use them for great articles like this one, no problem. While some paint colors go in and out of style, blues tend to remain favorites because they are just so appealing to many. Take a look at SW Pure White . I want a color that is complimenting the other paint colors I have in the house, yet different to give a twist. Its about knowing what to EXPECT with Sea Salt, and once you understand what it might do, its easier to wrap your walls in it. It was a tricky choice, since I wanted a green in the new study and a terra cotta in the adjoining eat-in kitchen. This room gets a great deal of natural light and is on the second level. Breezeway lacks the same muted subtlety of SW Sea Salt. Here is my favorite front door, on a house with cedar shakes: Even in the shade, the door color is pretty subtle! Love the subtleness of it. . The LRV of Quiet Moments is 61.87, and you can see that it is a hint darker than Sea Salt. If you were to look at Sherwin Willams Window Pane in one room and then Sea Salt in another, it might be hard to tell the difference. I would like a sagey gray green that doesnt shift too much to blue or gray and wont over power my low ranch style home. Wythe Blue, Revere Pewter and Palladian Blue. Love both shades but I really love Sea Salt. bestyears 10 years ago <3. It made the space way more inviting! Me too! But, Palladian Blue and Rainwashed have about the same depth on your walls. Thats so fun! Kittery Point Green HC-119 & Palladian Blue HC-144. And while it has its place in many homes due to its PLACEMENT in the fan deck, I think it gets missed a lot! Curious about the color behind the iron bed in your title picture. Both are beautiful, but because of the lower LRV that Wythe Blue has, Palladian Blue is a bit more usable. Palladian Blue is a soft, blue green paint color by Benjamin Moore. Thankfully the dining room with Wythe Blue was a home run. Their differences are ever so slight, but one may go better with your fixed elements or furnishings than the other will. LRV. You can scan whole pages at once or click a photo to get into it in larger form. Can you explain how to ask the store to lighten it up without changing the color? I love that paint. Filmy Green looks even more neutral than Sea Salt thanks to a good amount of additional yellow/beige, but it is less gray. Gray will have undertones of blue, purple or green. I would like a light gray for my main area. I also think Beach Glass was well named, as even its name suggests a relaxing mood! I created my Online Color Consulting for readers just like you I have some affordable packages you can check out here The 2 colors look gorgeous together! Did you find one that worked for you? This 5 part series with amazing tips and tricks will be delivered FREE to your inbox! I love rich colors with white trim. Want to learn more about the FUN side of decorating and paint colours? But as Ive lived with the swatches on the wall for 24+ hours, I think Ive changed my mind. This is interesting because Quiet Moments is one shade darker than Healing Aloe on the same color strip, but it is considerably more green. If you are looking for a white paint color to go with Palladian Blue, check out Chantilly Lace and Snow White. I was expecting the two to be very similar boy was I wrong after painting samples! We just bought a 100 year old home with craftsman details. Youll be hard-pressed to find brands better than Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore when it comes to the most popular shades of blue-green-gray paint colors. See my full disclosure policy here. Colors like this include Sherwin Williams Rainwashed, and Benjamin Moore Stratton Blue are great places to start. I am trying to find a nice paint colour that will offer a coastal feel and I am considering Palladium Blue.I am also trying to figure out the best complimentary colour for my high feature wall which is going up to the loft. I was worried to see through the green room to the now wild Iris room and back again. It took me about 10 seconds to realize what he'd done. Lattice has an LRV of 61, so its a great light depth. I just came back from my sister-in-laws house and her living room and playroom are Sea Salt and her kitchen is Oyster Bay. Palladian Blue on exteriors will further make the color look lighter than it is. And yours tips about the light your room gets were really helpful. Im sure you understand, when you are a contractor your house is always the one that gets done last. Not only is beach badly eroded and not attractive with the bags in the water but it is small and does not have enough shade. bestyears 10 years ago I bet Tide Pool will work well -it is more clear, crisp and fresh -less dusky than the previous colors. While Silver Marlin doesnt get as much attention as others in this list, it is one of the BEST light-medium depth shades. Bathroom 8 tints in them, meaning that they can change a lot throughout the day as they are quite varied worth checking out! How will Rainwashed look on a north facing house throughout for a 1940s renovated home? Im not sure who to believe, the test swatch or Google image any advice is appreciated! I did a bit more snooping in the comments and see that they said colour is a custom order from BM paints. The carpet is dark gray. That variable always seems to mess me up. It needs to be on a poster board with white around it, to give a visual break between the existing colour. Thank you!!! Aqua Chiffon by Olympic paints. All colors are a assigned a value on a 0-100 scale. Its the sight unseen part thats tough. Ack! Hello everyone, I tried this Green Sherwin Williams Sea Salt color scheme for my dining gotta say the results are amazing, just wanna let you know that your expertise was really helpful for me . LRV of Sherwin Williams Sea Salt The LRV of a color indicates on a scale of 0 - 100 how much light a color reflects (or doesn't reflect). The link is safe. Stratton Blue is a stunner if you want a color with a bit more meat on its bones, both in depth and color! Here are a couple of alternatives for a soft gray green like Sea Salt: Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay makes for a really pretty exterior paint color, and if you remember, it is on the same strip as Sea Salt! At this point, I just want to know what the color is, since I have been studying these pictures for so long. Sea Salt vs. Palladian Blue Choose a Paint Color without Regrets. What Are The Best Paint Colours for Your Front Door? Check this out. Im from Omaha, Nebraska and have an apartment with only North-facing rooms. Sea salt really isnt green at all. Lattice can just as easily favor the blue over the green OR the green over the blue, giving it TONS of flexibility. I cant wait to see your kitchen painted! To determine which paint color will be right in your home, you should sample each one. I even did a comparison of Sea Salt vs. Palladian Blue when I was painting my kitchen in my last house. Hi Shirley, If you were asking to see my house I will add a link to all of it. Rainwashed is bluer with green undertones and it looks more vibrant and colorful compared to Sea Salt. The unique blend of undertones in Rainwashed (which we'll get into shortly) makes it great for a north-facing or east . Thanks for your help! I really want to find a good combo of a gray type color for the bedroom and a gray/blue/green type color for the master bath. If you dont like blue, this is a risky color. Shop. The warm vs. cool trick Do you have gray walls and want to warm things up a little? A few of the photos look a bit more green, a few a bit more blue/gray, so its about finding a colour that is similar knowing you simply wont get a match without knowing the exact stain brand/dip. My hubby has changed out all the light bulbs to natural light that is about 4,000 k and 60 watt equivalent. Is it pretty? So, what may look so beautifully grayon the card you hold in your hand, may look completely blue or purple or brown or green or (any other color) on the wall. This has less aqua and more gray but in the right light. Benjamin Moore pairs Palladian Blue with Brandy Cream, a creamy tan paint color, and Rural Earth, a dark brown paint shade. I chose 2 colors next to each other on the color strip. As far as a whole Sea Salt exterior paint job goes, I was not able to find a single person who used Sea Salt on their entire house. If the room has reasonably good lighting from the exterior yes. Saybrook Sage also looks similar to how you might be picturing Sea Salt on an exterior. If you want a pop of color, but are afraid to commit to something that is truly a color, Sea Salt is a good bet. That would be an expensive decision to live with, if you chose the wrong color! Benjamin Moore Beach Glass is a perfect example of this. Hi Yvette! Or is it a blue with green undertones? For me Sea Salt was to white, but I get the look you were going for I am doing one accent wall of Retreat and even thinking of painting my cabinets that color. They coordinate great! Next to Palladian Blue, Sea Salt is another really popular and favorite color of readers. Is Palladian Blue a green with blue undertones? The green and gray (and blue) combine to provide a subtly colorful, calm blend perfect for a relaxing spa-style bathroom or family-friendly space! Best, Mountain Air is another very light color, but this one sits in the cyan range, almost perfect between blue and green. NOTE: If youre painting the room yourself, these tools will help tremendously. Im back on your sight tonight looking for a blue/green/gray for my bathroom, and know youve given me a couple of awesome options. Now Im thinking about painting my bedroom in it. beautifully versatile light gray paint color that shines in spaces with low or no . Your email address will not be published. FULL Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray. Palladian is a touch too green. I love getting feedback from peers, so thanks for the note! that you used sharts n giggles n thats what she said a sentence apart so good! Not to add to your confusion but.I painted my kitchen Behrs Marina Isle (same color family as your samples) 12 years ago and I still love it! Shock of a life time one the front door is entered. Sea Salt and Rockport Gray partner up to bring out the warmth that each has to offer in this bedroom/bathroom suite. I have had three Sherwin Williams color consultants come out to my house. If I had tested them out first, I probably would have chosen differently. Earl Gray on the shiplap fireplace see the WHOLE room transformation HERE. I think youre at the point where youre overthinking things (easy to do, I do it in my home ALLLLL the time) As you can see, an LRV of 60 is close to the middle of the LRV scale. Because it's a bit lighter, Sea Salt will be more likely to wash out in bright lighting. And, it is a cool color in its truest sense. Whether Silvermist caters to its blue side or its green one is hit-and-miss! Thank you for giving so much good information regarding the undertones of these paints and the colors they favor! I try to give as much helpful free info as I can on my blog and if that doesnt help, it might be time for a closer look, otherwise, Im totally just guessing as to what your room REALLY looks like. Thanks for your all your helpful insights. a) they tend to look a good 1/2 tone lighter once they are applied 2 coats on the large scale and b) the undertones tend to come up more on the large scale compared to the smaller sample. If it can be used on a feature wall, island, front door, kitchen cabinets that kind of thing, well, Im ALL in. These are beautiful colors. And then I loved it it soothed my soul. And even though both colors have gray undertones, Sea Salt reads slightly more green and less blue. Never fear! And, it is one of those cool paint colors that can make the room look a bit bigger. Great Article. Join the discussion in Love Remodeleds Facebook group here! I love the whites with a hint of colour especially since Im in a small flat. Or maybe you have a BEIGE-ON-BEIGEShare, AESTHETIC WHITE: THE BEST NEW WARM OFF-WHITE PAINT COLOR It can be darn hard to keep up with trends (for those so inclined). These next few colors are also on the same color strip! It is a little more yellow than Sparkling Sage, which is already slightly warmer than Sea Salt. I am new to your site and am loving it. For the master bedroom I wanted a light blue. But Im not sure what color paint to use for my kitchen since I have honey oak cabinets. The LRV of Sea Salt is 64, so while its a light colour, it wont reflect as much light into a room as youd think. I hope that helps! On a large scale, you can do things like add more black/red/blue/white to get the tone you want. This front wall is also spruce lumber and so is the side wall. After it was painted it made me sick to look at it. I have bought at least 25 different shades of gray. Saves you time AND money! I absolutely love this blue gray green as it is fresh and bright but soft and changes depth of tint in different light levels. I would have to refer you to my E-design, where I do have the Quick Consult option as well! and our master bathroom is Palladian Blue Hi Marcie, well Sea Salt can work well anywhere, it just depends on what LOOK you are going for. Palladian Blue is a perfect paint color for a traditional, coastal, contemporary or farmhouse style home. (I think you get the point. Here is another variation with Accessible Beige swapped for Repose Gray: The official complementary color for Sea Salt would be a soft purple color. What a helpful post! If you are a beach person you will not like OB. It does have a slight gray tone compared to truly bright whites or creamy whites. Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue vs. Beach Glass from Benjamin Moore is one of the most versatile transitional paint colors. I meant to say that Worldly gets really taupey at night. , Hi Susan, Im sorry to hear you found it too gray. If the color Sea Salt is what you want, Id just taket that chip to BM and have them match it. Rainwashed is one color down from Window Pane on the same color strip. I happened upon Palladian Blue years ago and painted my mothers dining room in it. Does anyone know the Sherwin-Williams equivalent to palladian Blue? Silver Strand is closer to a true neutral/gray than Sea Salt, because not only is it more gray, it also has more yellow in it. Sea Salt has a bit more yellow/neutral to it than Sea Spray. (I dont remember the exact name). BM Aegean Teal curious! And this post will give you my best tips for painting a room in 5 easy steps. If youre interested, the link is here, Id love to help! So many of todays most popular blues have a lot of green in them not this one. Except the dining room and kitchen, which were papered with a little floral pattern. I completely agree with Dawn about driving 45 minutes to get Benjamin Moore paint. I cant wait to get it all painted and share the results! Repose and Agreeable are the only two Sherwin Williams paints that I went to Home Depot and had them make a little sample of. Sea Salt and Rainwashed are very similar. What you can do also is go into the Benjamin Moore stain guide and look at Hamilton Blue and Normandy. Just bought my first house and it NEEDS a paint job! Sea Salt is made up of Red 205, Green 210, and Blue 202. Lots of really helpful info! Hale Navy is another navy blue option and a cult classic from Benjamin Moore. I need help! Earl Gray is a GRAY but has a very solid blue-green undertone. Next to sea salt (SW) and white wainscoting bathroom (LOVE it). I would love to see a blog about best colors that work with wood trim, since the darker trim obviously brings a darker feel to the room. I was not expecting Silver Strand and Sea Salt to be as similar as they are! These colors can't be used together, but if you're looking for a darker version of Sea Salt, consider Palladian Blue for sure. Right now I do not have the time or energy to paint more the yard is calling and I have a sick hubby, Hopefully I will get time to paint within the year. Chantilly Lace is a clean, bright white paint color with very little in the way of undertones. . I knew instantly that the Wythe blue was not the right color for the space - it was too loud - when building the house we put in a huge master shower and the stonework is neutral and it just made the room feel small to me. It looks green on the sample chip and Im concerned it wont look gray. Then theres Benjamin Moore Stonybrook which has the right green/blue/gray blend, but it might be just a stitch too gray. Darkening Earl Gray can enhance its undertones slightly. I am always cruising the internet for example photos, but I didnt find any of Sea Salt and dark trim in time for finishing up this post. When it comes to personal questions, I do refer to my E-design! Amazing how different something can look in another room. I needed a color on the wall pronto, or else I was going to lose my mind. A pure blue paint color with an LRV of 58! The way you explain how the colors work on walls with different light is so incredibly helpful for me. My painter would like to start on the new color in three days and I dont know what to do. I so love Sea Salt! Stratton Blue also works well for an ENTIRE room. ST Barts is better, but too colourful. However, it is slightly more vibrant than Rainwashed in that it has less gray and more blue and green tones. robert greenberg skechers biography, list of makeup brands with pfas, ohio state gray paint color sherwin williams,

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